1. Sıfat peremptory
  2. Zarf, Rekabet Hukuku per se
  3. certain
  4. complete
  5. absolute
  6. strict
  7. implicit
  8. infinite
  9. unlimited
  10. utter
  11. unconditional
  12. unrestricted
  13. unquestioning
  14. positive
  15. teetotal
  16. unconditioned
  17. plenary
  18. very
  19. perfect
  20. by all means
  21. without fail
  22. total
omniscient Sıfat, Din ve İnanç
omnipotent Sıfat, Din ve İnanç
total loss absolutely
absolute presumption
absolute address
absolute advantage
jus in re propria (in latin)
fee simple
absolute pressure İsim, Fizik
absolute units İsim, Matematik
absolute divorce
absolute territorial protection İsim, Rekabet Hukuku
absolute nullity
absolute magnitude İsim, Astronomi
absolute assembler
clear majority
bare majority
absolute majority
absolute value İsim, Matematik
absolute value device
absolute value computer
absolute concentration İsim, Fizik
absolute privilege
absolute majority
absolute price
absolute frequency
absolute guarantee
absolute guaranty
absolute income hypothesis
absolute safety
absolute interest
absolute right
absolute error
absolute law
absolute impediment
total breach
case of absolute necessity İsim
absolute power
absolute impossibility İsim
absolute deviation
absolute obedience İsim
absolute contraband
absolute guarantee
absolute code
absolute concentration İsim
despotic monarchy
absolute owner
absolute owner
absolute cost advantage
absolute impediment
absolute liability
absolute legacy
absolute monarchy İsim, Sosyoloji
absolute ownership
(Lat.) jus abutendi (in latin)
absolute humidity İsim, Kimya
top priority
absolute priority
absolute constant
absolute power
absolute deviation
absolute temperature İsim, Kimya
absolute zero İsim, Kimya
absolute zero İsim, Kimya
absolutely Zarf
utterly Zarf
absolutely Zarf
absolute discretion
absolute power of disposition
power of disposition
absolute monopoly
absolute frequency
absolute delivery
(com) absolute advantage
absolute advantage
the theory of absolute advantage
absolute promise
absolute power
absolute loader
absolute altitude
absolute obligation
(Lat.) jus in re propria (in latin)
diriment impediment İsim
impediment which renders the marriage void
absolute impediment
Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Cümle, Siyaset-Ulusl. İlişkiler

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