1. Sıfat common
  2. Sıfat joint
  3. Sıfat shared
  4. Sıfat mutual
  5. Sıfat collective
  6. Sıfat combined
  7. Sıfat conjunct
  8. Sıfat cooperative
  9. Sıfat communal
ordinary partner
contracting partner
retired partner
outgoing partner
chief partner
leading partner
continuing partner
past partner
active acting partner
latent partner
ostensible partner
interested partner
nominal partner
active acting partner
acting partner
working partner
general partner İsim
active partner
dormant partner
special partner
(US) merchantile partner
mercantile partner
trading partner
incoming partner
joint nominee
common steps İsim, Siyaset-Ulusl. İlişkiler
jointly owned assets İsim
joint obligee
joint creditor
common field Bilgi Teknolojileri
common area Bilgi Teknolojileri
joint purchaser
to take in a partner Fiil
joint principal
joint venture between A and B
mutual friend İsim
joint supply
general average
joint attorney
block ticket
common debtor
fellow debtor
joint invention
a concerted effort
collective call İletişim
joint working
common interest
a communion of interests İsim
joint cause
joint respondent
joint defendant
the party cited
change of partners
associated state
lingua franca
collective petition
semi detached
common enemy İsim
joint editor
joint ambassador
to take someone on as a partner Fiil
joint action
stock purse
community fund
money market fund
mutual fund
common fund
joint warrant
joint warranty
combined income
pool cost
joint costs İsim
mutual enterprise
conjunct attempt
joint enterprise
joint business
joint undertaking
collective show
collective security
joint security
joint arbiter
partner's rights İsim
mutual currency account
joint account
(Br) joint shareholders İsim
concurrent possession
joint services İsim
joint principles İsim
common enterprise
joint bargain
joint operation
joint employer
joint resolution Siyaset-Ulusl. İlişkiler
joint purse
joint trustee
joint warranty
joint surety
joint warrantor
joint guarantors İsim
joint credit
joint user
concurrent user
joint use
easement İsim, Hukuk
joint commission
common property
common owner
collective goods İsim
joint proprietor
joint holder
at joint expense
collective expenditure
pool interests İsim
boilerplate text Bilgi Teknolojileri
joint deposit
common grave
joint heirs
joint legatee
fellow heir
joint establishment
collective property
joint property
collective title
collectivity İsim
part ownership
joint ownership
unity of possession
joint contractor
partner in default
commonality İsim
common point
to participate Fiil
to be a partner Fiil
to partner Fiil
common characteristic İsim
joint patent
partnership share
common market
cooperative marketing
joint promissory note
common policies İsim
(advertising) cooperative program
common welfare
joint possession
joint seller
concurrent cause
partner's capital
collective insurance
joint responsibility
collective liability
collective culpability Siyaset-Ulusl. İlişkiler
joint obligation
concerted undertaking
joint demand
common diviser
joint tariff
social saving
common peril
common platform
joint collateral
associated agency
joint meeting
joint position
joint producer
joint product
associate member Avrupa Birliği
joint will
joint will
conjoint will
collective power of attorney
joint mandatory
joint guardian
common advantage
common use
collective power
common direction
managing partner
collective leadership
joint possession

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