1. expensive
  2. dear
  3. costly
  4. high
  5. pricey
  6. chargeable
  7. stiff
  8. pricy
  9. valuable
  10. upscale
  11. cheap at half the price
  12. at a high figure
  13. high priced
  14. long priced
the accessories cost more than the thing itself
outrageously expensive
a trifle expensive
luxurious Sıfat
shockingly expensive
high-ticket Sıfat
too pricey
sumptuous Sıfat
precious Sıfat
expensive car
top of-the-line gift
rich gift
that command a high price
higher-bracket flat
big-ticket durables İsim
to have expensive tastes in clothes Fiil
to have an expensive tastes in clothes Fiil
expensive hobby
to feature high-priced items Fiil
big ticket
high-prices line İsim
higher-bracket flat
to be expensive Fiil
to have a high fas Fiil
to be at a high rate Fiil
to not cost much Fiil
to pay a devil Fiil
dear money
dear money (tight money)
high money
tight money
close money
high-priced market
to sell dear Fiil
costly thing
big ticket items İsim
sumptuous Sıfat
to pay for one's whistle Fiil
to cost a pot of money Fiil
to cost a precious sight Fiil
to cost an exorbitant price Fiil
to cost a lot Fiil
to break the bank Fiil
to cost an arm and a leg Fiil
to trade up to something Fiil
to trade up to something Fiil
top ticket
to be looking for a little place that is not too expensive Fiil

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