1. historic
  2. acceptance liability ledger
  3. architectural preservation
  4. loading list
  5. historical
warranty start date İsim, Kalite
warranty end date İsim, Kalite
Operation of historical sites and buildings and similar visitor attractions (NACE code: R91.0.3) İsim, Sanayi ve Zanaatler
opening date
contract date İsim
(letter) date of receipt
depreciation date
date of appointment
date of independence
press date
starting date İsim
start date İsim
date of completion
date of commencement
commencing date
initial date
start date İsim
starting date İsim
application date
appointment date
balance sheet date
balance-sheet date İsim, Muhasebe
date of execution of a document İsim
ending date İsim
end date İsim
date of completion
ending date İsim
end date İsim
return date İsim, Hukuk
distribution date
date of distribution
value date
valuation date
audit date
date of filling
natural history
date of birth (DOB) İsim
birth date
date of hearing
hearing date Hukuk
universal history
world history İsim, Tarih
literary history
history of literature
call- cost indicator
economic history
adjournment day
date of marriage
evolutionary history (Kaynak: Evrim Çalışkanları) İsim, Biyoloji
billing date
date of invoice
invoice date
termination date
cancellation date
date of dissolution
expiry date
entry point
entry date
shipping date
date of dispatch
current date Bilgi Teknolojileri
date of bill of lading
date of injury
target date
date of disposal
legal history
date of invention
time of adjudication
issuing date
(banknotes) date of issue
date of acquisition
economic history
human history İsim, Tarih
date of a mortgage
date of mortgage
cancellation date
date of discount
term of discount
date of hearing
transaction date
date of redemption
redemption date
date of grant
date of acceptance
closing date
closing date
date of adjudication
record date
date of injury
date of bill of lading
installation date
the date of foundation
fiscal history
deposit date
date of grant
forwarding route
date of rank
date of ratification İsim, Uluslararası Hukuk
date of payment
prompt day
payment date
maturity date
date of death
date of filling
date of mailing
mailing date
date of appointment
history of art
on- sale date
sailing date
date of shipment
(US) date of shipment
date of dispatch
shipping date
shipping date
date of policy
date of order
order date
ending date
sell-by date
best-before date İsim
contract date
time of conclusion of the contract İsim
submission date
accrual date
value date İsim, Bankacılık
time of allotment
date of completion
completion date
date of registration
date of delivery
delivery time
time of delivery
delivery date
delivery date
trade history
flight date
history of civilization
production date
date of maturity
date of expiry
due date
maturity term
maturity date
date of arrival
contemporary history
modern history
history of life (Kaynak: Evrim Çalışkanları) İsim, Biyoloji
date of publication
publication date
issue date
date of inseption
renewal date
effective date İsim, Hukuk
enforcement date
effective date İsim, Hukuk
longstop date İsim, Hukuk
historic depreciation
to set date Fiil
historical geography
movable feast
to fill in the date Fiil
to postpone a date Fiil
historical artifact
historic building İnşaat
historical film
dated from London
cost of acquisition
historical cost İsim
historic event
classic event
historical event
historical play İsim, Dil ve Edebiyat
historical significance İsim
historical painting
to figure in history Fiil
historical novel İsim, Dil ve Edebiyat
monument İsim
to fill in the date Fiil
historic victory
to give the value date Fiil
to foredate Fiil
to agree on a date for payment Fiil
date of acquisition date of disposal

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