1. You know,
  2. I mean,
to wit
I mean
that is to say
in other words Zarf
(Lat.) videlicet
zum Beispiel
That is, … Zarf
That is to say, … Zarf
the sad part of it
it admits of no excuse
to be at sb's most vulnerable Fiil
to have nothing in common with sb Fiil
add to this Zarf
secondly Zarf
additionally Zarf
add to that Zarf
without appeal
to have a touch of genius Fiil
(Lat.) inter alia
all corners of the world İsim
to be beyond criticism Fiil
to be beyond criticism Fiil
plain sailing
to be void of interest Fiil
human side
animal nature
the best of it
ironically Zarf
dark side of things
I don't follow you.
How so?
So what?
to lack a certain kick Fiil
dress box Tiyatro
very close
near to
right alongside
together with
right along with
immediate descent
to accept on presentation Fiil
not a vestige of truth

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