1. Noun payment
  2. Noun, Banking settlement
  3. pay
  4. discharge
  5. refund
  6. payout
  7. Noun disbursement
  8. Noun emolument
  9. paying
  10. disbursing
  11. acquittance
  12. paying in
  13. paying out
payment of creditors
paying off one's creditors
sinking fund payment
current maturity Noun, Banking
advance payment
advance wage payment
payment in kind Noun
initial payment
equalization payment
equalization benefit
equalization payment
supplementary wage
surtax payment
interest rate buy-down Noun, Banking
marginal payment
time and one half pay
tax delinquency
(US) tax delinquency
income tax payment
progress payment
stock assessment
ex gratia payment
mortgage payment
progress payment
rental payment
lease payment
payment of rental
wage payment
payment of salaries
delivery versus payment (DVP) Noun, Banking
delivery versus payment (DVP) Noun, Banking
money payment
payment on account of costs
advance tax payment
premium payment
capital repayment
insurance payment
limited premium
(US) terminal payment
terminal payment
National insurance cheque
social security check
relief payment
welfare payment
salvage payment Noun, Insurance
indefinite payment
payment under subscription
compensatory payment
payment of royalties
royalty payment
basic rate settlement
payment of wages
wage payment
payment of taxes
executive fringe
executive pay package
periodical payments of interest
direct payment
account of average
monthly payment
residual payment
lump settlement
single payment
lump payment
direct payment
periodic payment
supplementary payment
additional payment
outright payment
overpayment Noun
(unemployment insurance) transitional payment
delayed payment
payment in arrear
delayed payment
payment in arrears
repayment Noun
reimbursement Noun
voluntary payment
composition for duties
gratuitous payment
loss payment
part payment
partial payment
payment of a commission
payment by letter
prompt payment
immediate payment
settlement in cash
disbursement in money
remittance in cash
cash payment
advance payment
up-front Noun, Banking
prepayment Noun
anticipate payment
advance pays
accelerated redemption
payment in advance by anticipation
anticipated payment
cash down
advanced payment
prepayment Noun
payment in cash
terms cash
immediate payment
premium payment
token payment
capital payment
final payment
back payment
deferred payment
full payment
payment in full
settlement in full
composition payment
dividend payment
cash on demand Noun
in full payment of balance
payment in due time
tax payment
fringe benefit
insolvency Noun
paying habits Noun
payment agreements Noun
payor bank Noun
disbursement voucher
paying- in book
redemption value
payment voucher
payment troubles Noun
municipal default
term day
crucial date
deadline date
settlement day
pay day
advice of payment
payment transactions Noun
authorization to pay
money judgment Noun
facility of payment clause Insurance
facilities of payment Noun
payment facilities Noun
payment conditions Noun
ability to pay
pay-in slip
voucher for payment
respite for payment
payment arrangement Noun, Banking
payment is in the mail
protest for nonpayment Noun
settlement terms Noun
manner of payment
payment pattern
method of payment
form of payment
payment record
liability to pay
paying agent Noun
term of payment
undertaking to pay
action for payment
payment instructions
date of payment
settlement warrant
payment type
promise to pay
payment time Noun, Commerce
settlement of payment
to shell out Verb
to pay up Verb
payment authorization
engagements Noun

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealti Turkish Dictionary)

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