1. Adverb previously
  2. Adverb originally
  3. at first
  4. Adverb formerly
  5. beforehand
  6. in advance
  7. (Lat.) ab ante
  8. dead horse
  9. aforetime
  10. in the beginning
previous Adjective
executed consideration
deferred profit
anticipatory buffering Information Technology
to pre set Verb
preset Adjective
arranged marriage Noun
to pre empt Verb
preset Information Technology
foregone conclusion
foregone conclusion
notice in advance
to book a ticket Verb
advance ticket sale
unforeseeable Adjective
precast concrete
to prearrange Verb
anticipated repayment
to forewarn Verb
to warn Verb
to predispose Verb
to precondition Verb
on the spur of the moment
to precalculate Verb
predetermined cost
anticipated cost
to prejudge Verb
foreshadowing Noun, Language-Literature
to preheat Verb
to subscribe for Verb
advance leave
without prior permission Adverb
to preconcert Verb
prerecorded broadcast
recorded program (me)
recorded program (me
recorded program me
recorded broadcast
antecedent right
to foredoom Verb
convicted previously
underlying mortgage
to preordain Verb
anticipate payment
advance pays
accelerated redemption
payment in advance by anticipation
anticipated payment
anticipation of payment
prepayment Noun
prepayment privilege
(US) anticipation discount
anticipation discount
prepaid rent
advance of salary
advance of wages
advance wages Noun
deferred charges to expense
deferred charge
deferred charges Noun
prepared expenses Noun
deferred charge (to expense)
prepaid expense
prepaid insurance
unexpired insurance
proactively Adverb
to book hotel accommodation in advance Verb
cook- chill
spontaneous Adjective
to preplan Verb
preconcerted action
to book in advance Verb
to book in advance Verb
advanced booking flight
scheduled costs
advanced-purchased ticket
advance-purchased ticket
booking in advance
advanced sale
advance sale
anticipatory paging Information Technology
to preselect Verb
to forearm Verb
to precool Verb
to prophesy Verb
previously mentioned
contingent expenses Noun
revenue collected in advance
deferred revenue to income
deferred credits to income Noun
deferred credits Noun
rent received in advance
to predefine Verb, Information Technology
to predispose Verb
to prepacking Verb
to prefigure Verb
premeditated design
premeditated murder
to borrow trouble Verb
to telephone ahead Verb
pre existing
pre-existing debts Noun
preexisting liability
to already exist Verb
prior existing Adjective, Law
to presuppose Verb
previous engagement
preliminary announcement
anticipatory expenditure
intermediate input
guaranteed reservation
preauthorized payment
to give a heads up about ... Verb
to send one's luggage in advance Verb
to send one's luggage in advance Verb
domestic independent tour
a week's notice
week's notice
at an hour's notice
anticipation of a bill
to tip someone off Verb
to underlie Verb
to anticipate one's income Verb
prognostic of development
to pre-clear customs Verb
to make preparations well beforehand Verb
to plan everything ahead Verb
to predestine Verb
to pre-silence the opposition Verb
prepayment of postage Noun
at an hour's notice
to contract something out Verb
to book a flight Verb
ground inclusive tour
(Br) to send on one's luggage Verb
to send on one's luggage Verb
seats bookable in advance