1. corporal
  2. material
  3. sensual
  4. Information Technology physical
United Nations Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material Noun, International Law
stake out Verb, Law
stake-out Noun, Law
physical anthropology Noun, Anthropology
physiological dependence Noun, Pharmacology
physical dependence Noun, Pharmacology
hardwired Information Technology
physical environment
physical geography
physical distribution
impediment Noun, Medicine-Health
physical development Noun, Medicine-Health
physical appearance Noun
forcibly Adverb
hard sector Information Technology
physical chemistry Noun, Physics
physical defect
impediment Noun, Medicine-Health
physically Adverb
bodily Adverb
physical characteristics Noun
physical description Noun
physical capital
physical stock
frailty Noun

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealtı Turkish Dictionary)

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