1. pıhtılaşmış kan.
  2. süsmek, (boynuzla/fildişi ile) vurup yaralamak.
  3. üçgen-yama: elbiseye/yelkene eklenen üçgen şeklinde kumaş parçası. (bkz: gusset ) (1).
  4. peş, etekliği oluşturan parçalardan herbiri.
  5. üçgen tarla/arsa, özellikle geniş arazi parçaları arasına sıkışmış üçgen biçimli arazi.
  6. peş koymak, üçgen şeklinde kumaş eklemek.
it is learned that
seasonal nature
in the order of
in accordance with ... Adverb
to arrange in alphabetical order Verb
according to the customs
according to usage
conventionally Adverb
according to the alphabetical order
filing in alphabetical order
as far as I can see
by agreement
as per agreement
as desired
to overrun the constable Verb
according to me
I myself
in my estimation
selection on the basis of aptitude
according to expectations
according to my calculation
for all know
to the best of my knowledge
to my knowledge Adverb
to do something knowingly Verb
to be patterned after something Verb
to structure something around something Verb
area-by-area allocation
to arrange according to size Verb
to buy to measure
deep pocket view
according to the findings
according to this Adverb
accordingly Adverb
allegedly Adverb
to arrange in order of value Verb
to arrange in order of value Verb
(Lat.) valorem ad
ad valorem
(Lat.) ad valorem
according to the value
freighting ad valorem
according to experience
Word has it that ...
as the case may be
according to circumstances
according to circumstances
as the case may be
I heard it on the grapevine that …, I heard it through the grapevine that … Adverb, Idioms
according to
inasmuch as
in accordance with
to pattern on Verb
according to expert advice
according to expert advice
to act in compliance with one's orders Verb
according to the latest information
inflation- adjusted
according to the price
by all accounts Adverb
to measure one's spending by one's means Verb
according to one's heart's desire
after one's own heart
as to
according to
according as
in respect of
as per
at first blush Adverb
seemingly Adverb
overtly Adverb
blatantly Adverb
publicly Adverb
according to popular apprehension
by all account
as per account
in jure
according to the precedents
allegedly Adverb
supposedly Adverb
according to one's station life
in my opinion
it is my belief that
according to law
according to the law
according to his own statement
at your/his/her/its whim Adverb
(US) seniority basis
to classify books by subjects Verb
ad valorem
classified filing
subject filing
according to the rules
according to regulations
in order of merit
at common law
seasonally adjusted
to vary with the season Verb
in my poor opinion
cheap at the price
to weigh out Verb
measurement goods Noun
according to pattern
to model Verb
not to play the game according to the set rules
according to plan
according the plan
to go according to the plan Verb
to start on schedule Verb
to fall behind schedule Verb
according to protocol
according to protocol
to rate on points Verb
reportedly Adverb
Word has it that ...
I heard it on the grapevine that …, I heard it through the grapevine that … Adverb, Idioms
to trim one's sails to every wind Verb
according to the specifications
according to martial law
under martial law
according to martial
in the order of
sequentially Adverb
it is reported
reportedly Adverb
rumo u r has it
as under contract
according to contract
sale to specification
according to statute
departmental classification
it has been eml
in accordance with the estimates
according to directions
by description
according to (on) schedule
tariff- wise
(US) according to (on) schedule
scheduled departure
to start after schedule Verb
chronological filing
to arrange in chronological order Verb
to file in order of date Verb
filing in order of date
in accordance with plan
as per offer
according to offer
packed as usual in trade
duly Adverb
duly appointed member
strike with due notice
according to the experts
to base taxation on the income Verb
under these terms of reference
according to age
de jure
legally Adverb
according to local custom

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