1. provision
  2. Noun arrangement
  3. Noun preparation
  4. readiness
  5. trim
  6. prep
  7. preparative
  8. dispositions
  9. arrangements
adequate preparation
remedial studies Noun, Education-Training
counter preparation
preparation Noun
operational readiness Noun, Management
foreign-language preparation Noun, Education-Training
inchoative stages Noun
in the pipeline
preparatory work Noun
preparation work Noun
preparatory period
preliminary trial
preparation expense
project under preparation
dead work
previous (preparatory) work
preparatory work Noun
preliminary work Noun
preparatory committee
preparatory committe
preparatory course
preparatory committee
preparation match Noun, Sports
warm-up match Noun, Sports
preparation expense Noun
(Br) preparatory school
fitting school
preparatory school Noun, Education-Training
preparatory measures Noun
preliminary plan
prep class Noun, Education-Training
preparatory school Noun, Education-Training
prep Noun, Education-Training
prep school Noun, Education-Training
preparatory class Noun, Education-Training
preparatory student
preliminary examination
preliminary investigation
pre-trial proceedings Noun, Law
preliminary hearing
pretrial procedure
preparatory investigations
preliminary inquiry
Preparation and Development Expenses Noun, Accounting
spontaneously Adverb
to do one's preparations Verb
to make arrangements Verb
to make preparations Verb
to be in preparation Verb
preparatory year
make- ready time
remedial course Noun, Education-Training
remedial program Noun, Education-Training
to see about something Verb
to in the wind Verb
preconstruction time
combat readiness
company of the police
preparatory to leaving

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealti Turkish Dictionary)

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