1. Noun, Law panel
  2. Noun delegation
  3. system
  4. party
  5. form
  6. committee
  7. assembly
  8. shape
  9. battery
  10. commission
  11. corps
  12. board
  13. group
  14. staff
  15. astronomy
  16. posse
  17. deputation
  18. coterie
  19. council
  20. mission
  21. round table
  22. body board
Committee of Wise Men Proper Name, Politics-Intl. Relations
board of creditors
peace delegation
fact- finding mission
expert group
board of aldermen Noun
Council of Senior Scholars Proper Name, Organizations
permanent court of arbitration
expert committee
tail of journalists
arbitration committee
board of referees
arbitration commission
arbitral tribunal Law
arbitration Noun
arbitration court
panel of arbitrators
panel of judges Noun, Law
the judges
judicator tribunal
Committee of Representation Proper Name, History
execution body
executive council
executive board
administrative board
community council
board of directors
administrative committee
the delegates
village council
council of elders
board of aldermen
examination board
examining board
british board of film censors
advisory council
advisory board Noun
goodwill mission
goodwill mission
jury Noun, Law
panel of jurors
resolutions committee
expedition Noun
council committee
the judges Noun, Law
board of audit
board of auditors
audit committee
board of control
trustee committe
board of trustees of a “ vakıf
the board of censors
sales mission
expedition Noun
exploratory expedition
arbitration tribunal
inspectoral staff
inspectional staff
review board
delegation Noun
Committee of Representation Proper Name, History
board of review
trade delegation
collective commission
Council of Ministers Proper Name, Politics-Intl. Relations
board of assessment
military mission
peremptory mandamus
founding board Noun
special mission
foreign mission

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealti Turkish Dictionary)

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