1. return
  2. refusal
  3. Noun repayment
  4. drawback
  5. remand
  6. extradition
  7. Noun reimbursement
  8. Noun restitution
  9. giving back
  10. refundment
  11. retrocession
  12. subsidiary coins
  13. refunding
  14. sending back
  15. remmittance
if moved return to sender Noun
on-the-spot tax refund Noun
return of car Noun
return of a gift Noun
restitution the property Noun
restitution of the property Noun
restoration of possession Noun
return of empties Noun
restitution of stolen goods Noun
restoration of stolen property Noun
return of child Noun, International Law
remittitur of record Noun
restoration of confiscated property Noun
restitution in integrum Noun
action for restitution of conjugal rights Noun
refund of income tax Noun
return to sender Noun
refund duties Noun
drawback Noun
restoration of goods in distraint Noun
restitution of rights Noun
refund of travel expenses Noun
repayment of internal taxation Noun
reimbursement for export Noun
export tax refund Noun
export restitution Noun
export rebate Noun
restoration of public order Noun
European Convention on the Repatriation of Minors Noun, International Law
merchandise return Noun
return of goods Noun
reimbursement Noun, Law
refund of cash Noun
cash refund Noun
reimbursement Noun
rebate Noun
refund Noun
restoration of currency Noun
return of bill to drawer Noun
return of a bill to drawer Noun
return of premium Noun
refund of premium Noun
return of unsold copies Noun
refund of purchase price Noun
sales tax refund Noun
repatriation of prisoners of war Noun
extradition Noun, Law
extradition Noun, International Law
in case of nondelivery return to sender Noun
reimbursement of fees Noun
production restitution Noun
tax rebate Noun, Taxation-Customs
tax refund Noun, Civil Law
reimbursement of taxes Noun
return of duties Noun
restitution in kind
reinstatement Noun
reinstatement Noun, Employment
cheque refer to drawer
reinstatement Noun
rendition Noun, International Law
return to the owner
conditional extradition Noun, Law
account of return
return (mission) address
return address
balance of purchase price
restitution treaty
restitution case Noun
returns book
returnable goods Noun
returnable fee
not refundable
not returnable
rejection Noun
returned letter
nonreturnable packing
returned cheque
restoration Noun
restitution Noun
to restore Verb
to send back Verb
to redintegrate Verb
to restitute Verb
to replace Verb
to return Verb
to retrocede Verb
to remand Verb
to negotiate back Verb
to give back Verb
to reject Verb
to remit Verb
to give back a refund Verb
to reimburse Verb
credit note Noun, Accounting
restitutory right
return account
account of re-exchange
account of goods returned
returned goods Noun
(customs) return goods Noun
sales returns Noun
restitution costs Noun
restituted property
return shipping order
returned shipments
returned shipments
claim for conversion
a demand for extradition
to demand for extradition Verb
to demand restitution Verb
on returning
(balance-sheet) return and allowances Noun
reimbursement account
return and allowances Noun
return goods Noun
to make restitution of an amount Verb
to return something to its owner Verb
to give someone back something Verb
to bring back someone Verb
to restore someone to liberty Verb
to give something back to someone Verb
to give back something Verb
to bring back something Verb
returned empty
returned check (cheque)
deposit refundable
to remove the disqualification Verb
to return to the original owner Verb
to restore Verb
to return the excess Verb
to give back to with interest Verb
restoration Noun
customs debenture
to restore the poise of mind Verb
discharged bankrupt
to refer to acceptor Verb
to return a commission Verb
not returnable
to repatriate Verb
reinstatement Noun
restoration Noun
customer returns Noun
return envelope
to restore Verb
restitutory right
sales returns and allowances Noun
to return a bill unpaid Verb
to reimburse travelling expenses Verb
extradition proceedings Noun
to reimburse a witness for his expenses Verb
to turn over a compensation Verb
to commute a copyright Verb
to remove the disqualification on a driving licence Verb
repatriation Noun
to refund duties Verb
to refund the expenditure Verb
to divest oneself of one's authority Verb

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