1. hang
  2. Noun, Law execution
  3. hanging
  4. capital
  5. capital punishment
  6. death penalty
  7. execution of a death sentence
judicature murder
execution by hanging
punishable by death
public execution
penalty (punishment) of death
extreme penalty of the law
capital punishment Noun, Criminal Law
under the pain (penalty) of death
to cheat the gallows Verb
abolishment of the death penalty Noun, Law
abolition of the death penalty Noun, Law
executed criminal
to deliver over the execution Verb
death warrant
execution deadline
sentence of death
dead sentence
death warrant
death sentence
sentence of death
to sign a death warrant Verb
death warrant
lethal chamber Noun
gallows Noun
to be on the death row Verb, Law
to be tried for his life Verb
to execute a crimal Verb
to execute a criminal Verb
to pass sentence of death to sb Verb
capital crime
to guillotine Verb
to bring to the stake Verb
to perish at the stake Verb

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealti Turkish Dictionary)

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