1. Noun, Textile Industry soil
  2. Noun, Textile Industry stain
  3. Information Technology spot
  4. dirt
  5. blur
  6. patch
  7. smear
  8. blob
  9. defect
  10. blot
  11. tarnish
  12. sully
  13. dishonour
  14. reproach
  15. mire
  16. taint
  17. freckle
  18. fleck
  19. blemish
  20. daub
  21. birthmark
  22. mottle
  23. mackle
  24. smirch
  25. splotch
  26. stain or blot on one's character or reputation
  27. soilure
  28. macule
strawberry mark
ink stain
ink blot
dark spot
iron mould
scar upon sb's reputation
spot on sb's reputation
stain on sb's reputation
A Raisin in the Sun Proper Name, Cinema
a blemish on his reputation
stain remover
to remove a stain Verb
to become stained or soiled Verb
to blacken the name of Verb
to denigrate Verb
vulnerable reputation
unimpeachable reputation
undamaged reputation
stain-resistant Noun
to leave a stain on Verb
to stain Verb
to make a stain on Verb
to spoil sb's dsc name Verb
to stain sb's name Verb
to ruin sb's character Verb
to smear sb's reputation Verb
to pick a hole in sb's reputation Verb
imputation of sb's character
to besmirch Verb
to compromise your integrity Verb
to insult someone with odious suspicions Verb
to keep one's reputation intact Verb
to hold one's reputation dear Verb
to blacken Verb
foul indignity
to soil Verb
to defame Verb
to blot one's escutcheon Verb

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealti Turkish Dictionary)

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