1. Information Technology report
  2. message
  3. dispatch
  4. run-down
  5. cahier
  6. word processing
statement of proceedings
application of funds
interim report
research report
vaccination certificate
report of survey
damage survey
average report
monthly return
detail report Information Technology
minority report
independent auditors' report Noun, Management
bank return
informational record
informational report
expert report Noun, Law
expert witness report Noun, Law
expert's report Noun, Law
stock- exchange report
stock- exchange account
report report
budget report
labour report
EIA report Noun, Environment-Ecology
environmental assessment report Noun, Environment-Ecology
majority report
certificate of disability for discharge
certificate of a lunatic
auditor's certificate
auditor's report
audit certificate
report of the auditors
audit report
report of the auditors
audit letter
test report Noun, Transport
sea protest
sea report
external debt monitoring report
medical certificate
doctor's certificate
doctor's note Noun
report on the situation
situation report
fact- finding survey
expert's report
expert opinion
appraisal report
certificate of quality
vintage newspaper account
annual report Noun, Management
fiscal report
financial status report
status report
feasibility report
Gas Tightness Report Noun, Transport
flash report
y's report
corporation report
news coverage
report of loss
damage report
foul bill of health
sick report
sick certificate
medical report
airway weather report
treasury transactions report
report of public accountants
administrative report
progress report Noun
labour report
job report
business report
employment office report
employees' annual report
employes' annual report
efficiency report
scrap report
audit trail Management
operating report
working statement
trading report
presentment Noun, Law
closing statement
cash statement
cash report
loss report
report of the accident
final systems design report
consular report
consular bill of health
committee report
panel report
statement of financial position
statement of assets and liabilities
statement of changes in financial position
cost report
cost survey
audit report
audit certificate
cash statement
wages declaration Insurance
factual statement
(fin) performance report
market report
statement of the market
stock market report
certificate of health Noun, Medicine-Health
medical certificate Noun, Medicine-Health
health certificate Noun, Medicine-Health
bill of health Noun, Medicine-Health
qualified report
sales report
election coverage
travel expense report
(US) travel expense report
executive portfolio (report)
(US) corporate report
corporate report
report of the group
departmental record
inspection certificate
certificate of inspection
inspectional report
certificate of survey
television report
cable report
clean bill of health
doctor's report stating that someone is in good health
delivery verification
commercial report
conference report
production report
product endorsement
long-range weather forecast
tax audit report Noun, Public Administration
tax report
efficiency report
Fuel System Conformity Report Noun, Transport
report of legislative committee
year end report
policy statement
report of the directors
directors' report Noun, Management
management letter Management
damage report
call report
monthly report
full and particular account
verbatim report
documentary report
economic report
fragmentary report
overall report
classified report
daily report
joint report
favourable report
special report
official report
social survey
oral report
standard report
commercial advice
local report
annual report
statement of accounts
financial report
to receive a report Verb
to report Verb
week under review Noun
report preparation
to have a report made Verb
trading on margin
to present a report Verb
given period
to render a report Verb
to report Verb
to draw up a report Verb

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealtı Turkish Dictionary)

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