1. vacant
  2. derelict
  3. forlorn
  4. unclaimed
  5. unpossessed
  6. ownerless
  7. Adjective, Law non-proprietary
  8. unowned
  9. sth which has no owner
  10. sth which is unclaimed
dumped car
lands in abeyance Noun
abandoned child
vacant estate
unclaimed wreck
ownerless article
unclaimed stock
unclaimed shares Noun
unclaimed shares Noun
ownerless dog
unclaimed merchandise
unclaimed property
res nullius
abandoned goods Noun
uncollected items Noun
bona vacantia
uncollected goods Noun
keeping lost property
unclaimed letter
vacant succession
estate without a claimant
abandoned property
vacant succession
vacant estate
to lie in franchise Verb
unclaimed goods
flotsam and jetsam Noun

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealti Turkish Dictionary)

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