1. Noun demand
  2. Noun request
  3. Noun claim
  4. Noun plea
  5. Noun petition
  6. Noun call
  7. Noun solicitation
  8. Noun requisition
  9. Noun appeal
  10. Noun requirement
  11. Noun motion
  12. Noun wanting
  13. Noun asking
  14. Noun exigency
  15. Noun need
  16. Noun summons
  17. Noun entreaty
reserve claim
invocation of papers
effective demand for money
creditor claim
purchase requisition
auto insurance claim
excess interest charges
labor glut Noun
demand for idle money
bank loan demand
application Noun
loan interest claim
loan request
debt claim
debt claims
loan demand
budget request
bill of complaint
prayer of process
motion for nonsuit
bill to perpetuate testimony
demand for foreign exchange
world demand
pensions claim
pension claim
power demand
demand for energy
adjournment motion
overtime request
ransom demand
reimbursement claim
claim for conversion
a demand for extradition
domestic borrowing demand
bankruptcy petition
motion for preliminary injunction Noun, Law
replacement demand
claim of mortgage
hypothecary claim
demand for labour
labor demand Noun, Economics
labor demand Noun
discount request
bill for reformation
business demand for credit
unemployment claim
resignation request
demand for borrowing
request for a holiday
vacation request
(Br) request for holiday
(US) vacation request
motion to set aside judgment Noun, Law
counter-claim for damages
counterclaim for damages
counter appeal
claim commission
demand for credit
loan application
loan credit
recourse to a credit
borrowing demand
demand for luxuries
salary demand
salary claim
command of goods
material requisition
margin call
seasonal demand
claim for inheritance
(US) claim for inheritance
claim of exemption
demand for exemption
motion to intervene Noun, Law
cross appeal
claim of (to) alimony
cash demand
freight claim
action for payment
calling in
demand for payment
dun Banking
money claim
appropriation request
demand for loanable funds
equalization claim
claim entitled to priority
priority claim
partnership claim
disablement claim
pecuniary demand
pecuniary claim
demand for money
money market
money claim
money request
currency claim
retail demand
market demand
demand for repayment
union claim
capital demand
demand for capital
insurance claim
insurance claims
insurance demand
insurance claim
contract claim
damages for breach of contract Noun
moving for an argument
speculative demand for money
demand for extradition
request for extradition Noun, Law
requisition for extradition
motion for enlargement of time Noun, Law
demand for extension
demand for assignment
compensation claim Noun, Law
claim for indemnity Noun, Law
indemnity claim Noun, Law
damages claim Noun, Law
bill quia timet
bill to suspend a decree
demand for extension
dividend claim
appellate request
bill of review
demand for delivery
leap frogging bargaining
consumptive demand
wage request
pay claim
wage claims
wage challenge
demand savings deposits
claim for reduction of assessment
claim for relief
tax claim
claim for abatement
claim for abatement
request for diminuation of taxes
request for diminution of taxes
request for help
motion for new trial Noun, Law
investment demand
investor demand
replacement demand
authorization request
motion for stay of execution Noun, Law
motion for stay Noun, Law
motion for stay Law
damages claim
liability claim
loss claim
possessory claim

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealtı Turkish Dictionary)

  1. İsteme, dileme, arzu etme