1. good delivered
  2. deliveries
  3. money paid over to sb
  4. payments
speedy delivery
successive delivery
trial delivery
short shipment
bad delivery
short delivery Noun
deficient delivery
delayed delivery
same-day delivery Noun, Logistics
weekly delivery
bad delivery
additional delivery
future delivery
near delivery
partial delivery
part delivery
instalment delivery
serial part
consignment in part
controlled delivery Noun
delivery versus payment (DVP) Noun, Banking
delivery versus payment (DVP) Noun, Banking
preliminary delivery
commissioning Construction
priority delivery
conditional delivery
truck delivery
cooperative delivery
delivery by air
forward delivery
forward s delivery
bad delivery
local delivery
allow 28 days for delivery
delivery verification
cartage limit
delivery area
guarantee of delivery
delivery log
delivery lag
delivering charges Noun
delivery costs Noun
delivery day
(Br) delivery day
to stipulate a time for delivery Verb
to stipulate a time for delivery Verb
delivery item
delivery lorry
delivery quota Noun
port of destination
warehouse manager
lack of delivery
drop-off point Noun
want of delivery
delivery verification
cartage limit
delivery risk
delivery conditions Noun
terms of delivery Noun
manner of delivery
delivery service
delivery system
supply contract
future contract
contract of delivery
lead time
term for delivery
delivery as required
delivery date
tender of delivery
delivery time
to deliver Verb
prohibition to deliver
point of delivery
(long term) delivery conditions Noun
fixed time for delivery
delivery truck
(Br) goods delivery and collection
scheduled delivery period
terminal price
(Br) terminal price
consolidated delivery system
(US) contract for futures
contract for futures

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealti Turkish Dictionary)

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