1. conflagration
  2. blanket insurance
  3. casus major
  4. fire
  5. casualty insurance
  6. fire insurance
large fire
hostile fire Insurance
electrical fire Noun, Occupational Safety
electrical fire Noun, Occupational Safety
unfriendly fire Insurance
intentional fire
intentional fire
(fire insurance) conflagration area
fire alarm point Noun
fire-alarm point Noun
fire alarm system
fire-alarm system
fire- alarm
fire call
fire alarm
(US) firewarden
fire district
fireproof partition
fire zone
fireproof partition
fire-proof partition
fireproof bulkhead
fire bomb Noun
fire-bomb Noun
fire- bomb Noun
incendiary bomb Noun
fire bell
exit staircase
to be destroyed by fire Verb
fire cabinet Noun, Occupational Safety
in case of fire
fire wall
horizontal cut-off
party wall
fire-proof wall
fire surveyor
fire insurance fund
to have suffered from fire Verb
fire watcher
fire casualty insurer Noun
fire loss adjuster
fire and loss assessor
fire waste
damaged by fire
loss by fire
fire loss
fire damage
damage (caused) by fire
incendiary loss
fire insurance loss adjustment
fire- hose
fire- bucket Noun
fire-bucket Noun
(US) firehouse
fire alarm
building worker
fire escape route Noun, Occupational Safety
fire- hook
fire door
to be insured against fire Verb
fire belt
fire tower
fire escape Noun, Architecture
fire escape ladder Noun, Architecture
fire hydrant
gate hydrant Noun
fire watch
fire prevention
precautions against fire Noun
fire curtain Noun
risk of fire
fire risk
scene of fire
fire insurance company
fire underwriter
fire insurance Noun
insurance engineer
fire-insurance policy
fire insurance policy
standard fire policy
fire insurance premium
fire insurance risk
fire insurance rates
fire trench
fire fighting
fire apparatus
fire extinguisher
means for fighting fire Noun
fire extinguishing apparatus
fire fighting damage
engine company
fire fighting machine
(Br) fire station
to fight a fire Verb
fire extinguisher Noun, Occupational Safety
insure against loss of business profit following a fire
fire drill
fire hazard
fire hazards
fire engine Noun
fire extinguisher Noun, Transport
declaration policy Noun
standard policy Noun
standard fire insurance policy

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealti Turkish Dictionary)

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