1. film
  2. Information Technology membrane
  3. web
  4. dice
  5. tunic
  6. diaphragm
  7. envelope
  8. integument
  9. die
  10. pellicle
  11. tegmen
loaded dice
to dice Verb
to shoot craps Verb
to throw dice Verb
to be having a run of good luck Verb
(dice) to fall as one wants them to Verb
very thin
wafer-thin Adjective
dice box Noun
to play dice Verb
to manipulate the dice so that they fall as one wants them to Verb
hardly Adverb
reluctantly Adverb
by force
effortfully Adverb
scarcely Adverb
barely Adverb
with great difficulty Adverb
to have a hard fight to make both ends meet Verb
to live from hand to mouth Verb
to lead a hand existence Verb
to scrape a living Verb
to squash through a gate Verb
a near go
to be a near go Verb
to force back something Verb
to narrow majority Verb
to scrub for one's living Verb
to load a dice Verb
to squeeze oneself into a crowded bus Verb

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealtı Turkish Dictionary)

  1. İnce örtü, perde
  2. Zarar
  3. Sonuna geldiği kelimelere yer, mahal anlamı ... usûlüyle birleşik isimler yapar
  4. Tavla vb
  5. Ağlayan, inleyen
  6. Kadınların örtündüğü ... car, çar