1. such
  2. thus
  3. so
  4. in that manner
  5. just so
that's about right
if that is so Zarf
in that case Zarf
to be at such a point that
something of the kind
even so
She doesn't mean it.
so it seems
to seem to be like that to sb Fiil
to appear Fiil
to believe so Fiil
to appear Fiil
Apparently so.
it is my belief that
under the circumstances
It just is.
You think?
You think?
Is that so?
to believe so Fiil
to believe so Fiil
so be it
all right
Fair enough.
As you wish.
to believe so Fiil
In a manner of speaking.
to account Fiil
one way or another Zarf
in any case
at any rate
by some means or other
to wangle through somehow Fiil
did he say so? It's strange
You're not kidding! Cümle, Deyim
I am under the impression that
my impression is that
it strikes me
It seems ot me that ...
This is far from the truth. Cümle
if you feel (so) inclined
It happens.

Türkçe Sözlük (Kubbealti Lugati)

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