1. İsim, Coğrafya mouth
  2. language
  3. edge
  4. lip
  5. entrance
  6. trap
  7. jaw
  8. outlet
  9. estuary
  10. dialect
  11. chop
  12. inlet
  13. creek
  14. mug
  15. aperture
  16. opening
  17. spout
  18. orifice
  19. accent
  20. muzzle
  21. manhole
  22. provincialism
  23. gob
  24. talk
  25. colostrum
  26. blade
  27. kisser
  28. vent
  29. chops
  30. (knife, etc.) cutting edge
  31. (gun) nozzle
  32. embouchure
cotton mouth İsim, Tıp ve Sağlık
half-heartedly Zarf
to talk Fiil
to open one's mouth Fiil
(fig) to say nothing Fiil
to be silent Fiil
to hold one's tongue Fiil
to give no opportunity to talk Fiil
to silence one Fiil
not to get a word in edge ways
to surpass in arguing Fiil
to talk in whisper Fiil
the habit of using a particular expression
word of mouth
to agree to say the same thing Fiil
to be in agreement on what to say Fiil
to act in concert (with sb Fiil
speaking trumpet
hot agreement
battle of words
altercation İsim
to quarrel Fiil
to fall out Fiil
changing one's tune
variety in food
to change one's tune
to not to talk Fiil
full to the brim
(to speak) without restraint
even if he worked miracles
verbal diarrhea
to confuse the issue by a flow of words Fiil
battle of words İsim
to spar Fiil
(fig) whim
to put up with sb's caprices Fiil
to be extremely pleased Fiil
to suit one's words to the situation Fiil
cotton mouth İsim, Tıp ve Sağlık
to have the gift of the gap Fiil
mouth organ İsim
harmonica İsim
to nibble Fiil
to boast Fiil
to brag Fiil
joke İsim
enjoying the occasion
to stop (sb) from talking Fiil
to explain something away Fiil
to especially when trying to avoid directly answering a difficult question Fiil
to using a large number of unnecessary words to express an idea needing fewer Fiil
orally Zarf
to have a (foul) mouth Fiil
to change course on ... Fiil
to fall out with someone Fiil
to leave someone after making a good impression Fiil

Türkçe Sözlük (Kubbealtı Lugatı)

  1. Hayvan ve insanda yüzün ön aşağı ... giriş deliği olan boşluk
  2. Yeni doğuran ... ilk sütü