ayın: İbrani alfabesinin 16'ncı harfi. İsim
of last month
to mature on the 15th Fiil
entry of the month
moon set
moon rise
on which day of the month
mid- month
on the 8th instant
last- day business İsim
last-day business İsim
to settle up at the end of the month Fiil
up to and including december
month-over-month Zarf, Muhasebe
to put off something till doomsday Fiil
to set down a meeting for the 15th Fiil
this month's draw
what is today's date
a month of sundays İsim
last month's trading İsim
this month's trading İsim
to be payable on the 15th propayable . Fiil
payable on the 15th propayable .
final-quarter figures İsim
final- quarter figures İsim
sacrament İsim, Din ve İnanç
religious musical service
to conduct a service Fiil
memorial service
divine service
offices for the dead
to solemnize Fiil
Transformers: Dark of the Moon İsim, Sinema

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