1. mass
  2. pack
  3. bunch
  4. host
  5. herd
  6. squash
  7. flock
  8. horde
  9. swarm
  10. peck
  11. throng
  12. gang
  13. troop
  14. crew
  15. shoal
  16. caboodle
  17. boodle
  18. covey
  19. İsim drove
  20. trail
pack of hounds
the common herd
the vulgar herd
poor trash
dirty lot
band of fugitives
flock of sheep
troop of school children
copious Sıfat
herd immunity İsim, Viroloji
to herd Fiil
to swarm into a cinema Fiil
to swarm Fiil
to troop Fiil
gregarious Sıfat
to herd Fiil
herd instinct
herd people
to have a lot of family trouble Fiil
to come in for a lot of trouble Fiil
There are any number of …s. Cümle
There is any amount of …. Cümle
peck of troubles
to talk a lot of punk Fiil
a whole host of children
to be faced with a host of difficulties Fiil
to meet no end of interesting people Fiil
scores of people
a heap of people
to knock off a lot of work Fiil
to save a lot of expense Fiil
a host of problems
pack of nonsense
to be subject to many vexations Fiil
host of questions
deluge of crimes
pack of lies
heaps of time
to reel off a list of names Fiil
to hold a mass of details in one's head Fiil

Türkçe Sözlük (Kubbealti Lugati)

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