1. İsim, Dil ve Edebiyat scene
  2. stage
  3. dais
  4. the boards
  5. setting
  6. (theater) stage
domestic scene
world stage
scene of operations
conference platform
culture stage
court stage
discussion stage
political stage
scene of destruction
scene of fire
a tragic scene
open stage
warm scene in a play
travelling platform
impressive scene
fit up
primal scene İsim, Psikanaliz
final scene
stage name
enactment İsim, Sahne Sanatları
floor manager
backstage İsim, Sahne Sanatları
back of the stage İsim, Sahne Sanatları
behind the scenes
change of scene
change of scenery
stage setting
stage designer
stage setter
stage properties
to strike the set Fiil
mise en scene
stage effect
scenic effects İsim
unclaimed wreck
prop İsim
stage rights İsim
spotlight İsim, Sinema
footlights İsim
stage door
stage fright
footlights İsim
unclaimed letter
scene mode İsim, Fotoğrafçılık
theatrical company İsim
stage player
to be on the stage Fiil
to go on the stage Fiil
to walk the boards Fiil
stage play
dramatic copyright
play reading
performing arts İsim
continuity girl
stage directions
scenic designer İsim, İstihdam
stage production
theater-curtain advertisement
omnibus box
dress box Tiyatro
to go on the stage Fiil
stage author
stage manager İsim, İstihdam
grip of a play on the audience
to license a play Fiil
to ban a play Fiil
to put a play on again Fiil
to hoot a play off the stage Fiil
to burst on the scene Fiil
to run the gamut Fiil, Deyim
personalities of the stage and screen İsim
Department of Music and Performing Arts İsim, Kurum İsimleri

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