1. try
  2. test
  3. trial
  4. attempt
  5. experience
  6. İsim experiment
  7. exercise
  8. testing
  9. empirical
  10. rehearsal
  11. tentative
  12. assay
  13. experimentation
  14. trying
  15. practice
  16. proof
  17. essay
  18. proving
  19. tentation
  20. tryout
  21. direct observation of or participation in events
  22. cut and try
crucial test İsim
work experience İsim, İstihdam
business experience İsim, İstihdam
professional experience İsim, İstihdam
job experience İsim, İstihdam
essay İsim
sea trial İsim
speed test İsim
long-standing epxerience İsim
... years of experience İsim
double sampling
wide experience
professional experience
business experience
long-standing epxerience İsim
to be on trial Fiil
to subject something to a test Fiil
to experience Fiil
to experiment Fiil
to test Fiil
I know by experience that
to season Fiil
testing engineer
test pilot
test certificate
trial drive
guinea pig İsim
exchange of experiences
selling goods on approval
to learn it the hard way Fiil
business formation
business experience
long experience essential

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