1. lament
  2. mourning
  3. lugubriousness
National mourning
mourning apparel
to be in black Verb
mourning paper Noun
mourning band
to be in mourning Verb
to mourn Verb
to sorrow Verb
to take on Verb
to wail Verb
to wear black as a token of mourning Verb
house of mourning
year of mourning
to declare ... days of national mourning Verb
to declare ... days of mourning Verb
regulation mourning
age of discretion
minimum of age
minimum age
they are the same age
maximum age
at my time of life
to draft an age group Verb
to call up an age group Verb
increased age
retirement age limit
marriageable age
marrigeable age
legal age of consent to marriage
to burst into tears Verb
to melt into tears Verb
actuarial table Noun
broad-based following
declining age
lawful age
the change of life
chronological age Noun, Psychology
final age Insurance
age grouping of the population
preschool age
mid life
middle age
mid-life crisis
average age
age last birthday
time of life
privilege of age
privileges of age
evidence of age
age scale
age range
age bracket
to shed tears Verb
evidence of age
difference in age
age difference Noun
disparity of (in) age
without distinction of age
group of age
age bracket
age group
age grouping Noun
limit of age
age limit
to retire under the age limit Verb
to reach the age limit Verb
to attain the age limit Verb
to reach the age limit Verb
age category Noun, Anthropology
by reason of age
maturity of age
average age
midsummer Noun
age pyramid
according to age
in order of age
to be promoted in order of age Verb
age structure
retirement on account of age
aging accounts receivable

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealtı Turkish Dictionary)

  1. Ölüm veya çok büyük bir felâketten ... üzere yapılan şeyler, mâtem

Doğuştan îtibâren ... ölçülen zaman
Islak, nemli