1. despite
  2. hate
  3. horror
  4. bloody
  5. dislike
  6. hatred
  7. distaste
  8. allergy
  9. derry
  10. revulsion
  11. aversion
  12. loathing
  13. İsim animosity
  14. disgust
  15. İsim enmity
  16. abomination
  17. gorge
  18. repulsion
  19. gall
  20. abhorrence
  21. odium
  22. detestation
  23. repugnance
  24. dudgeon
  25. execration
  26. rancour rancor
  27. strong dislike of sth
  28. jaundice
  29. scunner
  30. no love lost
race hatred
racial hatred
deep-rooted dislike
deep rooted dislike
national hatred
venomous Sıfat
to loathe Fiil
to abominate Fiil
to look down one's nose at Fiil
to have a strong dislike of sth Fiil
to hate Fiil
to detest Fiil
to abhor Fiil
to despise Fiil
to execrate Fiil
to hate one's guts Fiil
apostle of hate
to be an object of abhorrence Fiil
odious Sıfat
to repel Fiil
odious Sıfat
to be an abominator of sth Fiil
to have a particular dislike for sth Fiil
to be averse to doing sth Fiil
to be held in abomination by sb Fiil
to have one's guts Fiil
he has a strong aversion to work
aversion to labour
to have a horror of publicity Fiil
she is averse getting up early
to have a strong aversion to getting up early Fiil

Türkçe Sözlük (Kubbealtı Lugatı)

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