1. Zarf relatively
  2. Zarf fairly
  3. pretty
  4. sort of
  5. well
  6. Zarf reasonably
  7. Zarf considerably
  8. Zarf substantially
  9. Zarf comparatively
  10. tidy
  11. tolerably
  12. goodish
  13. in its fashion
  14. something of
  15. rather
  16. to some extent
  17. aliquid
  18. by comparison
whenever it is possible
more than a little ... Zarf
something like
good deal of money
substantial harm
in a big way
to have to go frequently to the toilet Fiil
to go about a good deal Fiil
decent sized house
stiffish examination
fair knowledge on skill
to be in fair condition Fiil
to be in a fair condition Fiil
to have a respectable income Fiil
fair business
respectable salary
reasonably definite
fair enough
to foot up pretty high Fiil
quasi-random sampling
regular money
quite a while
to look the worse for wear Fiil
handsome price
stiffish examination
to catch get to , stop to a packet Fiil
to be on the high side Fiil
to have a good mind Fiil

Türkçe Sözlük (Kubbealtı Lugatı)

  1. Epey, bir hayli