1. Sıfat compatible
  2. Sıfat consistent
  3. Sıfat harmonious
  4. Sıfat compliant
  5. Sıfat concordant
  6. Sıfat agreeable
  7. Sıfat easygoing
  8. Sıfat conformable
  9. Sıfat consonant
  10. Sıfat coherent
  11. Sıfat congruous
  12. Sıfat congruent
  13. Sıfat amenable
  14. Sıfat adaptable
  15. Sıfat deferential
  16. Sıfat congenial
  17. Sıfat deferent
  18. Sıfat accommodating
  19. Sıfat accordant
  20. Sıfat eurhythmic
  21. Sıfat eurythmic
  22. Sıfat eurhythmical
  23. Sıfat sympathetic
plug-compatible Bilgi Teknolojileri
synchronous Sıfat
interoperability İsim
coordination İsim
plug-in ( software ) Bilgi Teknolojileri
concerted action İsim, Rekabet Hukuku
concerted practices İsim, Rekabet Hukuku
concerted practice İsim, Rekabet Hukuku
presumption of concerted practices İsim, Rekabet Hukuku
to adjust Fiil
to fit with Fiil
to strike a chord Fiil
to mesh Fiil
to fit Fiil
to fit together Fiil
consistently Zarf
congruent production diversification
a ... appropriate to ... Sıfat
to align ... with ... Fiil
to bring something into consonance with sth Fiil
to proportion Fiil
to be square with all the world Fiil
in conformity with the guidelines