1. Noun, Law attorney-at-law
  2. solicitor
  3. lawyer
  4. defender
  5. advocate
  6. barrister
  7. attorney
  8. counsel
  9. champion
  10. articled clerk
  11. public attorney
  12. barrister- at-law
  13. pleader
  14. counsel l or
  15. counsel l or at law
  16. law agent
  17. solicitor at law
  18. (Br) solicitor
defense counsel Noun, Law
writer to be signed
judge advocate
leading counsel
chamber counsel
special pleader
consulting barrister
legal adviser
attorney for the plaintiff
barrister- at-law
defense counsel
counsel for the plaintiff
fully fledged barrister
full-fledged lawyer
full- fledged barrister
experienced solicitor
full- blown lawyer
chamber barrister
utter bar
sharp lawyer
sound lawyer
lady barrister
(Br) lady barrister
woman barrister
slick lawyer
legal eagle
barrister appointed by the court
practicing practising lawyer
joint attorney
attorney of an intervening party
counsel in chambers
intending lawyer
leading counsel
eminent counsel
joint attorney
assigned counsel
self-employed lawyer Noun, Law
junior barrister
apprentice to law
articled clerk
paid attorney
associate counsel
attorney (Atty.) Noun, Law
defence defense by counsel
lawyer's office Noun
writing chamber Noun
barrister's chambers Noun
judicial robe Noun
barrister's robe
long robe
barrister's gown
court dress Noun
judicial gown Noun
change of solicitor
lawyer's opinion
document drawn up before a lawyer
solicitor's clerk
legal fees Noun
to call to the bar Verb
to be a failure as a lawyer Verb
to be admitted as solicitor Verb
to set oneself up as a lawyer Verb
to establish one's reputation as a lawyer Verb
to settle down in the practice of law Verb
to be brought up for the bar Verb
admission to the bar
to go to the bar Verb
to be admitted to the bar Verb
to go to the law Verb
to qualify as a solicitor Verb
attorney's certificate
argument of counsel
to be defended by counsel Verb
to brief counsel Verb
to application a solicitor Verb
employment of a solicitor
to retain a counsel Verb
to brief a barrister Verb
to hire an attorney Verb
to engage counsel Verb
attorney-client privilege Noun, Law
solicitor's costs
warrant to sue and defend
solicitor's clerk
junior counsel
junior lawyer
legal assistance Noun, Law
practising lawyer
to be represented by a counsel Verb
to be represented by counsel Verb
to employ a solicitor Verb
to retain a solicitor Verb
to engage a lawyer Verb
to engage the services of a lawyer Verb
to designate a counsel for the defence Verb
to get a lawyer to plead one's cause case Verb
to purport to be lawyer Verb
to intend to make one's son a barrister Verb
to educate one's son for the bar Verb
to put a lawyer on a retainer Verb
to retain a barrister (counsel) Verb

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealti Turkish Dictionary)

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