1. Information Technology Some
  2. Adjective various
  3. few
  4. some of
  5. sometimes
basis of valuation
valuation basis
basis of integration
calculation basis
discount basis
profit basis
liquidity basis
capital base
time standard
product base
certain ...s Noun
in certain respects Adverb
in certain respects Adverb
analogous Adjective
to cause considerable disquiet in some capitals Verb
from time to time
now and then
some quarters Noun
to make some modifications Verb
Law for Exempting Certain Associations and Institutions from Certain Taxes and All Duties and Charges Proper Name, Law
two-part tariff
Law on the Transfer of Certain Persons from Eastern Regions to Western Provinces Proper Name, Law
to preserve certain traditions Verb
to possess certain rights Verb
to be short of certain c Verb
to present some interesting features Verb
with certain exceptions
to liberalize a list of items Verb
to liberalize a list of items Verb
Law on Paying Ration Money to Certain Civil Servants Proper Name, Law
to sweep some gloomy facts under the bonnet Verb
to qualify a statement Verb
some quarters Noun
voice in some affairs
to agree upon certain conditions Verb
to settle certain conditions Verb
to offer a few flaws Verb
to slip over some items Verb
selective import restriction
ax a number of officials
to axe a number of officials Verb
to reduce a number of officials Verb
to grant certain facilities Verb
to serve some private ends Verb
to return parts of industry to private hands Verb
certain conditions Noun
unlocking agreement
under certain circumstances
to agree upon certain conditions Verb
to perform certain conditions Verb
to agree upon certain conditions Verb
Law on Provisions Applicable to Certain Perpetrators Proper Name, Law
to fiscal of necessity Verb
to develop some new facts Verb
to pass in certain circles Verb
to proceed on certain lobs Verb
in certain respects Adverb
to qualify a statement Verb
to amend a passage in a book Verb
fragments of a conversation Noun
to make cuts in an article Verb
to head a letter with certain words Verb
to agree to a plan with certain reservations Verb
to think up some routes for a trip Verb
among other things Adverb
to have some doubts left Verb
to volunteer some information Verb
to exclude aliens from posts Verb
Law Amending the Turkish Armed Forces Personnel Law and Certain Other Laws Proper Name, Law

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealti Turkish Dictionary)

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