1. dressing
  2. muck
  3. fertilizer
  4. soil
  5. Noun excrement
  6. compost
  7. manure
  8. ordure
  9. droppings
  10. dung
Retail sale of flowers, plants, seeds, fertilisers, pet animals and pet food in specialised stores (NACE code: G47.7.6) Noun, Trades-Professions
Manufacture of fertilisers and nitrogen compounds (NACE code: C20.1.5) Noun, Trades-Professions
Manufacture of basic chemicals, fertilisers and nitrogen compounds, plastics and synthetic rubber in
primary forms (NACE code: C20.1)
Noun, Trades-Professions
artificial fertilizer
artificial manure
commercial fertilizer
to spread manure Verb, Agriculture
to spread fertilizer Verb, Agriculture
muck spreader
muck heap
to distribute manure over a field Verb
fertilizer industry
to top- dress Verb
Soil, Fertilizer and Water Resources Central Research Institute Noun, Organizations

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealtı Turkish Dictionary)

  1. Verimi arttırmak için toprağa karıştırılan hayvan ... kimyevî madde, halk ağzı