halo- Prefix
ör.: halophyte. Prefix
ör.: halobiont. Prefix
“tuz-üreten, halojen”. Prefix
  1. Noun mode (Kaynak: Evrim Çalışkanları)
  2. state
  3. moment
  4. Noun condition
  5. Noun situation
  6. air
  7. energy
  8. look
  9. aspect
  10. affair
  11. status
  12. strength
  13. order
  14. appearance
  15. fig
  16. phase
  17. tone
  18. frame
  19. mode
  20. personality
  21. pass
  22. shape
  23. tune
  24. bearing
  25. posture
  26. guise
  27. footing
  28. occasion
  29. trim
  30. poise
  31. demeanour
  32. juncture
  33. case
  34. vein
  35. way
  36. fettle
  37. circumstance
  38. market hall
  39. market house
  40. covered market
  41. event
  42. Noun position
  43. state of affairs
  44. circumstances
  45. the present time
  46. (gram) case
  47. covered wholesale food market
  48. attitude
  49. demenor
insolvency Noun
inability of a party to pay its debts
(fin) insolvency
debtor position
national insolvency
way of the world
amended version
in any case Adverb
bankrupt condition
look-see position
human nature is just that way
human nature
case of necessity
civil status Noun, Civil Law
institutional monopoly
physical condition
state of matter Noun, Engineering
ruinous state
state of emergency Noun, Law
state of emergency Noun, Politics-Intl. Relations
state of mind
liquid position
current realization
amended version
event default
flight condition
cas fortuit
facts of the case
emergency purpose
good conduct
civil status
marital status
marital status Noun, Law
civil rank
personal status Noun
real facts
facts of the case
nominative case
market watchman
under these circumstances Adverb
to contrive ways and means Verb
to depose Verb
to inquire after sb's health Verb
life history
short autobiography
personal history
enlistment engagement record
curriculum vitae
owing to the force of circumstances
to be in one's element Verb
comportment Noun
facts of the case
state of the case
issue of fact
factual position
real facts
to dethrone Verb
to be hard put to it Verb
to have reached a settlement Verb
to raise the whole issue Verb
emergency powers act
character evidence
reduced sentence for good conduct in court Noun, Law
certificate of good standing
certificate of good behaviour
certificate of character
certificate of good conduct
certificate of good character
certificate of good behavior
good conduct certificate
to deliver a certificate of good character Verb
to submit a cse of good character Verb
release on probation
to plump for a course of action Verb
certificate of civil status
state-of-emergency region Noun, Politics-Intl. Relations
emergency cabinet
Commission for the Examination of Proceedings under the State of Emergency Proper Name, Organizations
Law on States of Emergency Proper Name, Law

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealtı Turkish Dictionary)

  1. Bir şeyin ... bütünü, durum
  2. Üstü kapalı pazar yeri
  3. Bağlı bir ... düğümü açma
  4. Sirke
  5. Annenin erkek kardeşi, dayı
  6. Tahttan indirme
  7. Vücuttaki küçük ... benek, ben
  8. Hulûl eden, giren