hisse senedi

  1. Noun, Economics stock
  2. Noun, Management share certificate
  3. Noun, Capital Markets share
  4. stock certificate
  5. stock allotment warrant
junior share
common share
common stock certificate
ordinary share
ordinary preferred share
stock share
primary share
general stock
original share
bank stock
scrip bonus
non-paid-up share Noun, Banking
capitalization issue
bonus share
cumulative share
first-rate stock
(Br) railways shares
(US) railraod share
certificated share Banking
interim share
bearer share Noun, Management
bearer share certificate
active stock
unissued capital stock
premium stock
preferred ordinary share
privileged stock
(US) privileged stock
common stock certificate
deferred stock
deferred share
marked share
registered stock
registered share
registered certificate
redeemable shares
redeemable preference share
irredeemable preference share
profit-sharing stock
participating pereference share
(Br) own share
definitive share
partly paid (up) share
partly paid share
convertible preferred stock
founders share
original-issue stock
original issue stock
(Br) mining share
registered stock
registered share
(US) preferred capital stock
priority share
(Br) priority share
(US) priority preferred stock
prior preference stock
(US) prior preferrence stock
priority preferred stock
staff shares
preferred stock
unclaimed stock
classified common stock
(US) speculative stock
sterling securities
consent stocks
cumulative preferred stock
preference stock
(US) preferred stock
preferential share
preferred stock
preference share
preferred share
deposited stock
dividend share
fresh share
(US) stock premium Noun
stock premium Noun
securities market transactions Noun
taking stock
stock on option
(US) stock bank Noun
(Br) share application
share application
turnover in shares Noun
stock majority
majority stock
(US) stock majority
stock register
(US) stock value
stock trial order
stock transfer
(US) stock manipulation
stock assessment
securities underwriter Noun
share index
(Br) share index
share movements Noun
(Br) share list
stock price
securities prices Noun
rate of shares Noun
drop in prices of stock
improvement in stocks
(US) to send the stock sykward Verb
share earnings Noun
share earnings Noun
security account
stock issue
issue of shares
stock-issue costs Noun
stock- exchange commission
securities quotation
subscription share
(US) stock record
share option
share market
securities market
across the board
slump on the bond market
stock portfolio
share portfolio
shares bonus
security holder
stock owner
holder of stocks Noun
(US) stock ownership
(US) to take up stock Verb
capital stock
(US) stock capitalization
authorized capital stock
scrip certificate Noun
stock insurance corporation
(US) speculation in stocks
to manipulate stocks Verb
(US) to manipulate stocks Verb
(Br) stock adventurer
payment for shares
stock switch Noun
(US) stock switch Noun
capital stock-exchange offer
share exchange offer
stock deals
stock- exchange operations
stock trend
(US) capital-stock tax
punch-card stock certificate
punched-card stock Noun
to hold stocks Verb
(US) authorized capital stock
preference stock holder
preference shareholder