1. Noun, Law cesser
  2. Noun, Law negligence, omission
  3. failure
  4. negligence
  5. neglect
  6. omission
  7. shortcoming
  8. disregard
  9. dereliction
  10. actionable negligence
  11. connivance
  12. inattention
  13. culpa
  14. negligent act
  15. nonaction
  16. pretermission
  17. short shrift
  18. unkemptness
parental neglect
lapse form one's duty
neglect of children
neglect of one's duties
neglect of business
default of defence
carrier's negligence
ordinary neglect
gross carelessness
culpable neglect
crash negligence
gross negligence Noun, Law
excusable neglect
slight negligence
(US) slight negligence
criminal negligence
penal neglect
criminal gross negligence
neglect of proper precautions
neglect of proper precautions
breach of duty
neglect of duty Noun, Law
negligence per se
legal negligence
(US) negligence per se
wilful neglect
negligence without fault
neglect to provide maintenance
collateral negligence
hazardous negligence
delinquency charges
neglected child
pretermitted defence
to fall through the cracks Verb
slip through the cracks
uncared for
to wear a neglected look Verb
neglected wife
to be in the state of neglect Verb
to be in the sate of neglect Verb
wilful (l) neglect
to temporize Verb
to pass over Verb
to forget Verb
to leave in the cold Verb
to disregard Verb
to neglect Verb
to pretermit Verb
to omit Verb
negligently Adverb
due to negligence Adverb
negligence clause
negligently Adverb
due to negligence Adverb
wrongful death Noun, Law
liability for negligence
culpable negligence
negligence clause
negligent homicide
negligent misrepresentation
to neglect one's family Verb
to utterly neglect one's family Verb
to utterly neglect one's family Verb
to neclect to maintain one's family Verb
to misrepresentation due to negligence Verb
to neglect a precaution Verb
to fail to comply with a term Verb
to charge someone with neglecting his duty Verb
to never fail to do something Verb
to neglect to pay one's debts Verb
to leave one's children in utter neglect
delinquent magistrate
dereliction of duty Noun
to be derelict of (in) one's duty Verb
to be derelict in one's duty Verb
to be inconsiderate of one's duty Verb
to fail in one's duty Verb
to be lax in carrying out one's duties Verb
to be negligent of one's duties Verb
(US) slight negligence
slight negligence
liability for negligence in tort
to shuffle through one's work Verb
to be negligent in one's work Verb
to neglect one's business Verb
to leave one's children in utter neglect
to neglect precautions Verb
to be remiss in the performance of one's official duties Verb
collateral negligence

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