government official Noun, Public Administration
  1. Information Technology public
  2. the community
  3. the public
General public administration activities (NACE code: O84.1.1) Noun, Trades-Professions
public employee removed from office Noun, Public Administration
public employee Noun, Public Administration
Public order and safety activities (NACE code: O84.2.4) Noun, Trades-Professions
public official Noun, Public Administration
public agency and organization Noun, Public Administration
public professional organization Noun, Law
Civil Servant Selection Exam Proper Name, Public Administration
Foreign Language Proficiency Exam for Civil Servants Proper Name, Public Administration
public assets Noun
public benefit association Noun, Civil Law
Public administration and defence; compulsory social security (NACE code: O84) Noun, Trades-Professions
Public administration and defence; compulsory social security (NACE code: O) Noun, Trades-Professions
public opinion Noun
public Adjective, Politics-Intl. Relations
public international law Noun, Law
public sector deficit
public deficit
public announcement
public statement
publicly Adverb
public procurement Noun
public means Noun
public land
(US) public land
state land Noun, Law
state-owned land Noun, Public Administration
state bank Noun
notice to the public
public announcement
public awareness
public building Noun
public borrowing
public borrowing Noun
public borrowings Noun
public debt
government employee Noun, Public Administration
public policy
public benefit
the commonwealth
for the good of the community
criminal case Noun, Criminal Law
criminal action Noun, Criminal Law
criminal proceedings Noun, Criminal Law
public prosecution Noun, Law
ombudsman Noun, Law
public scrutiny Noun
law and order Noun, Law
public peace Noun, Law
public peace and order Noun, Law
public order Noun, Law
public policy Noun
public economy
public access
public concern
public fund
common fund
general revenue fund
public revenue Noun
public expenses Noun
publicly-owned enterprise
public enterprise
public undertakings Noun
official function
civil service
public employment
public office
public function
black coated Noun
public servant Noun, Public Administration
public officer
public functionary
public official Noun, Law
public safety
public security
public security Noun
public rights Noun
government expenditure Noun
government spending Noun, Economics
public expenditure Noun
public expenditures Noun
government expenditure
public expenditure
public spending
public life
utility Noun, Infrastructure
(US) public service
public service Noun, Law
public services Noun, Public Administration
public utilities Noun
(US) utilities Noun
public utility Noun
public law Noun, Law
administrative regulation
public administration
public procurement Noun, Public Administration
public tender Noun, Law
public necessity
public want
public grant
public construction
public occupation
affairs of state Noun
community affairs Noun
public affairs Noun
public enterprises Noun
public undertaking
public enterprise
government securities Noun
public sector
public loan
government load
public credit
public institution
public corporation
public organization
government entity Noun, Public Administration
government agency Noun, Public Administration
public body Noun, Public Administration
government agency Noun, Public Administration
public authority Noun, Public Administration
governmental authority Noun, Public Administration
public institution Noun, Law
public property Noun, Public Administration
common property
public good Noun, Economics
home us
public finances Noun
public finance
(Br) home finance
social goods Noun
public welfare
in the public interest
public accounting Noun
public ownership
public property
state-owned Adjective, Public Administration
public property
parish property
state forest
universal franchise
public money
public parks Noun
public share Noun, Public Administration
public performance
public policy Noun
public project
public welfare
(US) public welfare
public health Noun, Medicine
state sector Noun, Economics
public sector Noun, Economics
social wealth
general fund
public book
publicly-owned corporation
(US) publicity-owned corporation
public inquiry
(Br) public enquiry
public enquiry
(US) state's witness
state's witness
(US) public transportation
public transportation
public transport
public monopoly
state monopoly
public enterprise
public undertaking Noun, Competition Law
community facilities Noun
public facilities Noun
public body
public meeting
public consumption
public attitude
public building
the common good Noun, Public Administration
the public good Noun, Public Administration
the commonweal Noun, Public Administration
the public interest Noun, Public Administration
general welfare Noun, Public Administration
public interest Noun, Competition Law
for the furtherance of public welfare
publicly Adverb
community aid
public sector investment
public investments Noun
public authorities Noun
the public authorities Noun
public road
public way
public administration
public loss Noun, Public Administration
public mind

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