1. cheap
  2. circular
  3. low
  4. Adjective affordable
  5. inexpensive
  6. tatty
  7. threepenny
  8. crummy
  9. sixpenny
  10. (Fr.) bon marché
  11. at a small charge
  12. economy priced
  13. at a low figure
  14. gut- rot
  15. cheap line
  16. low- priced
  17. popular
  18. à bon marché
exceptionally cheap
mini- supercomputer
dog cheap
extraordinarily cheap
exceptionally cheap
dirt cheap
with a fine pencil
jungle- juice
back land
hash house
cheap reprint
cheap edition
popular edition
cheap ticket
cheap fare
bargain tour fare
low-cost fare
cheap fare
cheap- fare passenger
at a reduced fee
milk for babes
to pick up for a song Verb
cheap labour
cheap labor
cheap jack
bargain sale
dead bargain
budget price
good cheap
budget priced
cheap excursion
reach- me-downs Noun
reduced-tariff imports Noun
reduced-tariff imports Noun
cut-price imports Noun
low lease
low-rent unit
low-cost home construction
low-cost housing
equity loan
easier credit
narrow squeak
to get off lightly Verb
to get off cheaply Verb
cheap article
limited-price variety store
to show a cheap line of goods Verb
low- rate articles Noun
low-priced lobs
limited- price store
to run a cheap line Verb
to run a cheap line Verb
to snap up the cheapest articles Verb
to show a cheap line of goods Verb
low- cost housing
sawdust saloon
sawdust parlor
economy model
sloppy joe's
to not cost much Verb
cheap at half the price
lesser-priced car
popular priced car
tin lizzie
low-priced car
light money
cheap money
soft currency
soft currency- country
soft-currency country
easy money policy Noun
cheap money policy Noun
group discount
hush shop
to pick up cheap Verb
discount department store
to sell at a low figure Verb
travesty Noun
fair demand
cheap rate
bulk tariff
at a reduced fare
at a cheap rate
reduced- rate ticket
limited ticket
bargain-tour fare
first come , first served booking at the airport
thrift flight
tenement Noun
cheap living
budget tariff
ultra cheap money policy Noun
underselling price
at the given price
ruinous price
ridiculously low price
exceptionally cheap article
to trade down to something Verb
to trade down to something Verb
to walk away from sb Verb
to knock down books Verb
to sell one's goods cheaply Verb
privilege ticket

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealti Turkish Dictionary)

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