1. gear
  2. gearshift
gear for four-wheel drive
low gear
first gear Transport
first speed
bottom gear
low gear
top gear
reverse gear Transport
second gear
forward gear Noun, Transport
automatic transmission Transport
automatic gearbox
high gear
out of gear
to run in neutral gear Verb
gear change
changing of gears
to change gear Verb
to shift Verb, Land Transport
to shift gears Verb
gear teeth Noun, Transport
to change down Verb
shifter Noun, Transport
gear lever
gearshift lever
to gear down Verb
to change down Verb
gear box
transmission box
gearbox trouble
gearbox output shaft Noun, Transport
gearbox input shaft Noun, Transport
gear-case cover
gear shift cover
gate change cover
gear ratio Noun, Transport
transmission system
shift knob Noun, Transport
to cahnge up Verb
to gear up Verb
manual shifting
reversing light Noun, Transport
hydraulic gear
variable speed hydraulic drives
special transmission fluid
continuously variable transmission (CVT) Noun, Transport
to climb a hill on top gear Verb
transfer case Noun, Transport
transfer box Noun, Transport

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealti Turkish Dictionary)

  1. Otomobil motorunda ... her biri