1. Noun, Software background
  2. floor
  3. Noun basement
  4. ground
  5. soil
  6. flooring
  7. bottom
  8. earth
  9. terrain
  10. backdrop
  11. base
  12. ground on which a building rests
  13. ground floor
sub-soil elasticity Noun, Construction
soil-structure interaction (SSI) Noun, Construction
asphalt floor
mud floor
broken ground
cement floor
bare floor
tile (d) floor
cohesive soil Noun, Construction
cohesive soil Noun, Construction
marble pavement
common ground
inlaid floor
on thin ice
soft soil Noun, Construction
earth wave Noun
ground displacement Noun, Geology
ground survey
to lay the groundwork for Verb
ground improvement
basement Noun
on the ground floor
ground floor
apartment on the ground floor
lower story
ground floor
ground plan
to occupy the ground floor Verb
to live on the ground floor Verb
pave the way for Verb
layout of the equipment
plan of the installation
soil Poisson's ratio Noun, Construction
soil stiffness Noun, Construction
floor space
to define itself against the background Verb
suited to both the place and the time
to obtain a firm plant on the ground Verb
to find common ground for negotiations Verb

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealtı Turkish Dictionary)

  1. Taban, döşeme, toprak sathı