1. before
  2. once
  3. Sıfat previous
  4. back
  5. past
  6. primitive
  7. prior
  8. Sıfat one-time
  9. antecedent
  10. former
  11. last
  12. ex
  13. fore
  14. late
  15. just prior
  16. aforetime
  17. the preceding
  18. the former
prior user right İsim, Fikri Mülkiyet Hukuku
right of prior use İsim, Fikri Mülkiyet Hukuku
previous Sıfat
his office is second last
previous Sıfat
of prior rank
antepenultimate Sıfat
prior application
prior applicant
to overrule a previous decision Fiil
recourse to a prior party
recourse to a prior party
recourse to a prior party
to ante-date Fiil
to ante date (to fore date), (to date in advance) Fiil
antecedent debt
restore button Bilgi Teknolojileri
prior inventor
prior invention
prior endorser
previous endorser
preceding indorser
previous period İsim, Muhasebe
prior period İsim, Muhasebe
quot ante status
to make whole Fiil, Hukuk
previous arrangements İsim
previous inventory
ante factum
previous rate
as before
the day bc
previous day
previous judgment İsim
to recant a former declaration Fiil
late residence
prior lien bonds İsim
(US) prior lien bonds İsim
ex employer
previous decision
previous deduction İsim
previous speech
preceding speaker
previous speaker
previous user
prior user
prior use
preceding article
previous conviction
prior taxable year
previous letters İsim
previous letters İsim
previous career
previous career
prior inventor
predecessor in title
accreditation of prior learning (Kaynak: CEDEFOP) İsim, Eğitim
APL (Kaynak: CEDEFOP) İsim, Eğitim
recognition of prior learning (Kaynak: CEDEFOP) İsim, Eğitim
prior patent
previous holder
page up Bilgi Teknolojileri
previous insurance
prior charges İsim
earlier version
anterior claim
prior claim
previous application
previous will
the year before
previous year
preceeding year
preceding year
the year bc
to remain below year-before levels Fiil
year-ago level
losses brought forward from previous years
prior obligation
to offset earlier losses Fiil
prior holder
profit before depreciation
month-over-month Zarf, Muhasebe
superseding indictment İsim, Hukuk
to read and confirm the minutes of the preceding meeting Fiil
to read and confirm the minutes of the preceeding meeting Fiil
year-over-year (YOY, y-o-y) Zarf, Muhasebe
before official hours İsim
to make a counterentry Fiil
to flash back Fiil
to flash back Fiil, Sinema
antecedent debt
status quo ante
prior right
procedure before a trial
imprisonment before trial
the hush before the storm
to break through its previous March peak Fiil
pay before stoppage
(Br) pay before stoppage
two years ago to the day
before tax profit
to have been prevented by a previous engagement from taking the chair Fiil