1. present
  2. gift
  3. favour
  4. souvenir
  5. box
  6. İsim gratuity
  7. anniversary volume
  8. buying incentive
  9. prezzie
  10. tribute
Festschrift for … İsim
spontaneous gift
liberal gift
princely gift
generous gift
natural gift
present in return
bumper present
top of-the-line gift
rich gift
gratuitous article
free gift
advertising novelty
gift token
to deal out gifts Fiil
to present Fiil
to give Fiil
to bestow Fiil
free-gift coupon
by way of gift
presentation pack
package enclosure
gift giving
promise to make a gift
free gift advertising
to make a gift of something to sb Fiil
to exchange presents Fiil
to present someone with sth Fiil
to make someone a present of sth Fiil
to give someone something Fiil
to take gifts with both hands Fiil
christmas box
to gift wrap Fiil

Türkçe Sözlük (Kubbealtı Lugatı)

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