in waiting
ever ready
to have a big banking Fiil
to render available Fiil
to ladle out funds Fiil
against to order
contrary to order
available balance
disposable funds
disposable fund
current fund
to obey orders Fiil, Askerlik
disobedience to orders İsim, Askerlik
failure to obey orders İsim, Askerlik
to break a commandment Fiil
order bill of lading
made out to order
stock certificate to bearer
bill of lading to order
policy to order
promissory note
bill to order
bill payable to order
bill made out to order
(Br) note of hand
note of hand
instrument to order
order instrument
two name paper
promissory nfr
instrument payable to order
negotiable note
payable to order
to comply with an order Fiil
payable to
order cheque
cheque to order
order bill of lading
to be made out to order Fiil
commercial paper
order bill
order paper
promissory note made out to order
promissory note
to act in compliance with an order Fiil
to comply with an order Fiil
to make a fund available Fiil
the drawdown period of a credit İsim
to hold something at sb's disposal Fiil
to make a loan available Fiil
to make credit available Fiil
joint promissory note
joint promissory nfr