1. İsim interest
  2. İsim relevance
  3. İsim attention
  4. İsim relevancy
  5. İsim connection
  6. İsim care
  7. İsim commitment
  8. İsim connexion
  9. İsim involvement
  10. İsim connectedness
  11. İsim pertinence
  12. İsim affection
  13. İsim concern
  14. İsim link
  15. İsim committal
  16. İsim tie
  17. İsim association
  18. İsim bearing
  19. İsim relation
  20. İsim relationship
  21. İsim relatedness
  22. İsim regard
  23. İsim rapport
key concern
one's baby
customer interest
consumer interest
investment interest
increased interest
undivided interest
chief interest
true interest in sb's welfare
warm interest
undivided interest
unabated interested
true interest
flagging interest
increased interest
audience interest
interest in the job
occupational interest
occupational interest
career interest
continued interest
good care İsim
special attention İsim
close interest İsim
close attention İsim
interest İsim
domain İsim
area of interest İsim
field of interest İsim
to widen one's interests Fiil
to branch out Fiil
to circumscribe one's interests Fiil
research interests İsim, İstihdam
areas of interest İsim, İstihdam
interests İsim, İstihdam
fields of interest İsim, İstihdam
to channel one's interest Fiil
larger-than-life Sıfat
meaty Sıfat
interestingly Zarf
to be void of interest Fiil
novelty İsim
strictly for the birds
to have something to offer Fiil
attraction İsim
place of interest
to sightsee Fiil
to wear thin Fiil
personality İsim
novelty İsim
to arouse interest Fiil
to engage Fiil
to work Fiil
to create interest Fiil
to compel Fiil
to attract attention Fiil
attention whore İsim
to generate interest Fiil
interested listener
inclination İsim
love interest İsim
to show an interest in Fiil
loss of interest
to connect Fiil
attention whore İsim
attention whore İsim
to be the centre of interest Fiil
to be the centre center of interest Fiil
point of interest İsim
centre of attention İsim
attraction İsim
the limelight İsim
center of attention İsim
to attract attention Fiil
to arouse interest Fiil
to generate interest Fiil
to create interest Fiil
big apple
to cosset Fiil
field of major professional interest
to warm to a subject Fiil
to dissociate oneself from a question Fiil
to take an interest in sth Fiil
to feel an interest in sth Fiil
to engage someone's interest Fiil
to be outside sb's field Fiil
to profess an interest in sb's future Fiil
to express interest in something Fiil
to interest oneself in something Fiil
to express interest in something Fiil
to concern yourself about something Fiil
to concern yourself with something Fiil
to express interest in something Fiil
to listen with deep interest Fiil
to connect ideas Fiil
general interests İsim
of general interest
wide interests
wide range of interests
to present interest Fiil
to of present interest Fiil
to take a fresh interest in life Fiil
to raise barely a flicker of interest Fiil
to show interest in one's work Fiil
in one's field
in his field
line of country
to take no great interest in politics Fiil
to feel no great interest in politics Fiil