1. work
  2. book
  3. opus
  4. commercial art
  5. cover paper
hidden-picture book İsim, Medya ve Yayıncılık
wimmelbook İsim, Medya ve Yayıncılık
busy book İsim, Medya ve Yayıncılık
busy book İsim, Medya ve Yayıncılık
Book publishing (NACE code: J58.1.1) İsim, Sanayi ve Zanaatler
book packet
immaculate book
unopened book
informative book
scarce book
white paper
volume bound in cloth
cloth-bound book
book bound in cloth
filmization or filmisation
paper- back
paper- bound book
bestseller İsim
sterling book
profound book
instructive book
educational book
secondhand copy
e-book İsim
most read book
secondhand book
a book in French
hard book
gift book
untasted book
elevating book
d- decker
paperback book
reference book İsim, Eğitim
bad seller
holy book
holy- writ
the Holy Bible
kriminalroman (Alm.)
picture book
yellow book
wimmelbook İsim, Medya ve Yayıncılık
holiday reading
technical book
popular book
companion volume
seven volumed- book
green paper
recondite book
book name
binder's title
bookmark İsim
book knowledge
book stock İsim
book support
library case
to carry book reviews Fiil
book review
book fair
block letters İsim
book notice
cloth board
book paper
book cover
to browse Fiil
catalogue of books
catalog ue of books
book jacket
slipover cover
book collecting
book collector
book agent
book club
bookworm İsim
bibliophile İsim
book list
list of books
book number
to lend out books Fiil
to lend (out) books Fiil
packet of books
book market
book post İsim
stack room
to page through a book Fiil
book exhibition
set of books
book-back glueing
book order
to place an order for book Fiil
stock of books
bookselling trade
book trade
to be in the book line Fiil
book trade
book publisher
production of books
issuing of books
to produce a book Fiil
to publish a book Fiil
to start on a book Fiil
heap of books
crowd of books
pile of books
to autograph a book Fiil
dictionary catalog (ue)
to inquire for a book at a shop Fiil
to get up a book Fiil
to incorporate into a book Fiil
to make marginal notes in a book Fiil
to bring out a book Fiil
to get out a book Fiil
she started on a book
to take books out of a library Fiil
to devote a column to book criticism Fiil
juvenile İsim
to print one's lectures Fiil
wholesale secondhand bookseller
to have turned many books in one's life Fiil
(Fr.) bouquiniste
to swear on the book Fiil
to edit book for use in schools Fiil
circulating library
subscription library
extended cover
international standard book number
to put forth a new book Fiil
to receive new a of books Fiil

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