1. party
  2. united
  3. corporate
  4. collective
  5. combined
  6. joint
  7. in common
  8. concentrated
  9. common
  10. cooperative
  11. bipartite
  12. conjunct
  13. conjunctive
  14. conjugate
  15. aggregative
  16. mutual
  17. conjoint
  18. concurrent
European Agreement on Travel by Young Persons on Collective Passports Between the Member Countries of the Council of Europe İsim, Uluslararası Hukuk
Gambling and betting activities (NACE code: R92) İsim, Sanayi ve Zanaatler
Gambling and betting activities (NACE code: R92.0) İsim, Sanayi ve Zanaatler
Gambling and betting activities (NACE code: R92.0.0) İsim, Sanayi ve Zanaatler
common ground İsim
joint creditor
fellow creditor
joint agreement
combined aerial
general average
general average dispursement insurance
estate in common
book making
race track operator
joint statement
joint statement
combined financial statement
collective ticket
joint obligation
joint obligor
joint borrower
co obligor
to be jointly and severally liable Fiil, Hukuk
joint debtor (s
joint obligor (s
joint debtors İsim
survival of joint liability
mutual accounts
joint plaintiff
common external tariff
common enemy İsim
joint training İsim, Eğitim
joint promissory note
joint promissory nfr
joint guarantee
combined action
joint action
to act jointly Fiil
common mistake
joint life insurance İsim
joint life policy İsim
participation account
joint account
deal on joint account
adjustment account
account in participation
collective account
credit on joint account
partner in on joint account
joint account party
partner in joint account
joint-account holder
consignatory powers
(bill of exchange) comaker
collective mortgage
custody held in joint names
joint security
co guarantor
joint guarantor
share tenant
joint tenancy
share tenancy
joint board
collective bill of lading
joint credit
tenant in common İsim, Hukuk
co-owner İsim, Hukuk
overhead charge
indirect expense
collective expenditure
joint interest
custody held for joint depositors
custody hold for joint depositors
joint property
collective ownership
estate in common
common ownership
severalty owners
severalty owner
collection ownership
joint ownership
co-owned property İsim, Hukuk
co-ownership İsim, Hukuk
share of co-ownership İsim, Hukuk
joint and several
joint and several
joint and several credit
joint and several contract
joint and several creditor
joint and several debt
joint and several obligation
joint and several liability
joint and several debtor
joint and several guaranty
joint and several responsibility
joint and several obligation
collective passport
common denominator
joint report
collective deed
collective insurance
general insurance
co-insurance clause
to coinsure Fiil
coinsurance clause
joint agreement
combination tariff
common carrier's insurance İsim
combination offer
joint heir
joint guardian
joint and several Sıfat, Hukuk
joint and several Sıfat, Hukuk
joint and several obligation
joint and several liability İsim, Hukuk
several joint and mortgage
(US) joint and several guaranty
several joint and guarantee
joint and several guarantors
joint and several promissory note
joint and severally responsible
jointly and severally responsible
joint and several liability
joint and several guarantee
jointly and severally Zarf, Hukuk
to be liable jointly and severally Fiil
joint procuration
joint cargo
collective consignment
collective note
to settle a trade dispute by joint consultation Fiil
combined financial statement İsim
joint fluctuating of currencies
joint float of currencies
total joint income

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