1. worried
  2. Sıfat anxious
  3. Sıfat nervous
  4. uncomfortable
  5. scared
  6. uneasy
  7. tense
  8. troubled
  9. apprehensive
  10. edgy
  11. jumpy
  12. Sıfat ill at ease
  13. on the jump
  14. on a knife edge
anxious Sıfat
off base
uncomfortable feeling
to be beset by sth Fiil
harassment İsim
to besiege Fiil
to tease Fiil
to derange sb Fiil
to ruffle Fiil
to perturb Fiil
to vex Fiil
to discontent Fiil
to disturb Fiil
to unsettle Fiil
to make someone feel ill at ease Fiil
to disquiet Fiil
to molest Fiil
to chafe Fiil
unquiet times İsim
to give an uneven performance Fiil
to have something on one's mind Fiil
to show some perturbation Fiil
to trouble someone at work Fiil
to put someone to inconvenience Fiil
to trouble sb Fiil
to leave someone in peace Fiil
to be in troubled mind Fiil
to have something on one's conscience Fiil
to have something on one's conscience Fiil

Türkçe Sözlük (Kubbealti Lugati)

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