uygun olarak

  1. Zarf accordingly
  2. Zarf suitably
  3. according
  4. pursuant
  5. in conformity with
  6. conformably
  7. expediently
in accordance with ... Zarf
conformably to ... Zarf
pursuant to … Zarf, Hukuk
in conformity with
rationally Zarf
agreeably to
in accordance with the truth
ex aequo et bono Zarf, Hukuk
pursuant to the statute
legitimately Zarf
in conformity with the regulations
in accordance with the regulations
logically Zarf
in concordance with
application by the articles
according to the articles
as agreed by contract
as per contract
pursuant to the contract
in compliance with your instructions
pursuant to your instructions
on the collectively agreed scale
at the proper rate
appropriately Zarf
in conformance with
in accordance with
to application correctly Fiil
to appoint someone correctly Fiil
to be out of proportion to one's income Fiil
to hold a meeting in accordance with the regulations Fiil
to convene properly Fiil
to act in conformity with the contract Fiil
to run on schedule Fiil
to start on time Fiil
duly acquired rights İsim
to vouch someone as a fit successor Fiil