1. lie
  2. story
  3. tale
  4. illusion
  5. İsim invention
  6. bull
  7. cod
  8. untrue
  9. fabrication
  10. fable
  11. leasing
  12. crap
  13. cog
  14. hollow
  15. shoddy
  16. made-up
  17. untruth
  18. falsehood
  19. prevarication
  20. feigned
  21. deceit
  22. chicanery
  23. duffer
  24. fib
  25. trumped-up
  26. mendacious
  27. untruthful
  28. bull shit
  29. sham
  30. flam
  31. trumpery
  32. false hood
  33. horseshit
  34. pretense
  35. fallaciousness
  36. artificial
  37. humbug
  38. forked tongue
  39. inveracity
a bald lie
downright lie
courtesy lie
parcel of lies
pack of lies
glossy deceit
loud lie
lie based upon another lie
a big lie
plump lie
rank lie
courtesy lie
gratuitous lie
injurious falsehood
white lie
to tell lies Fiil
to lie Fiil
to tell tales Fiil
misstatement İsim
fraudulent misrepresentation
perjury İsim, Ceza Hukuku
misrepresentation İsim, Hukuk
false- representation
to make false statements Fiil, Hukuk
to misrepresent Fiil
to make a false presentation Fiil, Hukuk
to falsify Fiil
false information İsim
lie detector
lie detector
lies and untruths
pack of lies
to be incapable of deceit Fiil
incapable of deception
to make a living by lying and imposture Fiil
to force one's way in under false pretense Fiil
traveller's tale
faux news İsim
coloured report
to put about Fiil
to circulate false news Fiil
lie detector İsim, Hukuk
lie detector
to see through someone Fiil
to make out Fiil
to tell tales Fiil
to deceive Fiil
to fabricate Fiil
to lie Fiil
to prevaricate Fiil
to tell lies Fiil
false words İsim
false witnessing İsim, Hukuk
to be facile in inventing lies Fiil
very inaccurately
full of mistakes
very inaccurate
to frame up Fiil
to frame Fiil
subornation of perjury
(Br) false swearing
false swearing
false oath
forsworn witness
to perjure oneself Fiil
to commit perjury Fiil
to forswear oneself Fiil
to swear falsely Fiil
web of lies
to lie shamelessly (to someone) Fiil
to lie like a rug (to someone) Fiil
to lie through one's teeth Fiil
conscious liar
to spread all sorts of falsehood about sb Fiil
to make false representations to sb Fiil
to gas sb Fiil
to spoof Fiil
to lull someone with false hopes Fiil
to suborn someone to commit perjury Fiil
to lie like a trooper Fiil
to lie through one's teeth Fiil
to lie like a rug Fiil
to lie shamelessly Fiil
to lie shamelessly Fiil
to tell lies without scruple Fiil
to tell a fib Fiil

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