1. Noun pul, Afganistan kuruşu. (100 puls = 1 afghani).
  1. scale
  2. stamp
  3. rover
  4. hammer
  5. slug
  6. pool
  7. washer
  8. wafer
  9. tinsel
  10. lamina
  11. spangle
  12. slake
  13. postage stamp
  14. revenue stamp
  15. (table games) playing piece
  16. (fish) scale
  17. (bolt , screw) washer
  18. lamelle
  19. water marker
commemorative stamp Noun
shim Noun
cheque stamp
bill stamp
revenue stamp
documentary stamp
finance stamp
inland-revenue stamp
tax stamp
invoice stamp
commemorative stamp
jubilee stamp
documentary stamp
licence license tag
special stamp issue
parcel post stamp
postage stamp
bill stamp
postage due stamp
excess postage
postage-due stamp
inspection stamp
airmail stamps
anniversary stamp
adhesive postage stamp
embossed stamp
revenue stamp
cancelled stamps
impressed stamp
spoiled spoilt stamps
defaced stamp
defaced stamp
imitation stamp
pad stamp
affixed stamp
stamp auction
stamp album
stamp dealer
issue of stamps
franking stamp Noun
stock book Noun
stamp booklet
set of stamps
imprest fund
pettycash fund
office stamp book
to milk the till Verb
stamp book
stamp collector
stamp collection
to collect stamps Verb
expenses for postage Noun
to patch off Verb
to flake Verb
to exfoliate Verb
philatelic sales counter
series stamps
stamp collection
stamp dealer
postage fee
stamp tax
the stamp doesn't stick
compulsory prepayment
to affix a stamp Verb
to mount stamps Verb
to put on a stamp Verb
to stamp Verb
to furnish a bill with stamps Verb
to remove a stamp from an envelope Verb
insufficiently stamped
spotted flounder Noun, Animal Species
red pepper flakes Food-Kitchen
stamp dispensing machine
expense for postage Noun
to furnish a bill with stamp Verb
to stick to stamp on an envelope Verb

Turkish Dictionary (Kubbealtı Turkish Dictionary)

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